Alosibla Music Group is an Italian Music Label,
with its own Publisher, Downbridge Publishing, which is dedicated 360 degrees to art projects, taking care of all phases from the project development to the Copyright registration which continues for several years after the release of the product.  
Alosibla also owns a professional recording studio equipped with all the latest digital technologies.


Products and services:

The projects consist in many applications, personsonalized according to the artist requirements: from the phase of project development and feasibility study to the phase of support music and arts that inlclude artwork realization, studio or live recording, mastering, phisical and digital distribution, promotion and royalties management for digital and phisical sales.

Downbridge Publishing, take care of the copyrights of the musical projects, giving complete assistance and consulting to the authors, when needed. We also offer a Sub-Publishing service, for Italy, to foreign Publishers.

On request we create musical compositions or arrangements for all kind of business or for private apps.

The business activity of the Company is also linked to the commercial exploitation of the musical products.