Salsa Swing Saoco y Melao



Nestor Pacheco y su Orquesta Retrombon

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Néstor Pacheco, a well-known artist and composer from Caracas / Venezuela, presents for the second time his new album “Salsa Swing Saoco y Melao”, in a collaboration with dj Marco Ghamo.

In this way, he reinforces the artistic and musical collaboration with the Italian dj/producer Marco Ghamo; this partnership unites them in the passion towards that unique style, where the really autochthonous and almost uncontaminated sounds and interpretations are highlighted, together with the Latin rhythms that have more mature energies; an old style sound of the first and historic Latin American orchestras that offers to fans and dancers the opportunity to immerse themselves into where everything was born and developed and which is nowadays being listened to; an experience from the historical “black and white” references to when dance was an important social and fundamental element of gathering people. To all this, Nestor Pacheco and the Retrombon orchestra he conducted are truly masters. “Salsa Swing Saoco y Melao”, 12 pieces full of richness, characterized by full-bodied arrangements and dominated by “los trombones” which outline, together with themes and melodies of a remarkable spontaneity, the great musical and creative personality.

Published by Downbridge Publishing, distributed by Alosibla Music Group co-produced by Tito Moreno, Marco Ghamo and Nestor Pacheco, Salsa Swing Saoco y Melao will be available in digital distribution from the 5th of June, available for dancers all over the world, also in streaming mode in all major digital partners. The album is also available from now in pre-order for the collectors in CD/Limited Edition, which can be purchased at

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