Are you a deejay and you’re interested in our “Promo for deejays”?

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The conditions for maintaining the collaboration between you and Alosibla Music Group are the following:

  1. the granting of the promos will affect all outgoing products following the date of your registration and available at the time.
  2. The pieces, offered free of charge under this agreement, will be a selection, chosen in agreement with the artists, of the works included in the original production for sale at digital stores; the selection will include around 40% of the track list; this condition will not affect the compilations, for which you will receive the complete track-list.
  3. The songs will be in digital high resolution mp3 audio.
  4. We will also send communications and the Siae (Digital Delivery) license for authorized use on the email address indicated on the registration form.
  5. The promo/Dj productions will remain available for download 1 week after sending the We Transfer link. In case of failure to download, it will be prepared for sending a second and final time.
  6. Any supply of publications in physical CD format may be made on your specific request addressed to with a contribution equal to the only cost of printing the support, including Siae rights and shipping costs.
    1. The downloaded songs must be promoted in the evenings and included in the relative musical programs, quoting the first surname among the composers (borderò).
    2. On a monthly basis and by the 10th of the following month, the identification numbers of the SIAE borderò containing our songs must reach the email address (photos will suffice)
    3. Any SIAE surveys and/or samplings during the evenings must be communicated to the email address with the borderò number, the date and the titles of the tracks.
    4. If a personal website or a Facebook page is available, a publication of the press releases accompanying the promo presentation is required. Press releases will be available for download together with the free mp3s sent.
    5. Alosibla reserves the right to terminate this collaboration relationship when points 1 and 2 above are not carried out for a period equal or greater than 60 days.
    6. We remind you that it is not permitted (unless previously authorized by us) to combine the complete passages, fragments, medleys, to personal videos published on Youtube.