• A Gozar el Ritmo - DJ Lindo & Pacheco

A Gozar El Ritmo

Dj Lindo & Nestor Pacheco

A Gozar el Ritmo - DJ Lindo & Pacheco

After a long break from the musical scenes, DJ producer Albert Fiorentu (aka DJ LINDO) returns with “A Gozar El Ritmo”, the first of a series of new Singles which confirms his constant musical activity and the artistic enthusiasm that sees him as the tireless protagonist even in these slightly dark period. The new singles are ready to go, to accompany the hoped-for recovery that all dancers and fans await.
IA Gozar El Ritmo sees the precious participation of maestro Nestor Pacheco, a well-known Venezuelan composer with whom Dj Lindo has reached a perfect feeling; together they composed an energetic piece, stylistically recognized as Salsa Dura, with prevailing musical parts and moments and protagonists of the characteristic “sonido” to which the piece belongs to. Dj Lindo deserves great esteem for his resourcefulness and commitment to become more and more a winning and engaging Dj Producer; this figure, which has become trendy today, has many aspirants but still little awareness; the path is not the easiest, you need knowledge and competence, commitment and dedication, imagination and clear ideas; all characteristics that in Dj Lindo are increasingly affirming, bringing his artistic maturity to consolidate that personality that will no longer see him as a simple performer or selector but as the author and creator of his personal style of musical expression.

Thanks also go to all the production staff and in particular:


General production coordination for Downbridge Publishing and Alosibla Music Group: Tito Moreno

Executive Producer y Artistic Director: Albert Fiorentu (Dj Lindo)

Musical Producer: Nestor Pacheco

Co Producer: Arturo Reyes

Arrangement: Arturo Reyes y Nestor Pacheco

Composer and Singer: Nestor Pacheco

Bass Guitar: Julio Fernandez

Piano and Vibraphone: Arturo Reyes

Trombones: Angel Chacon y Wilfredo Jimenez

Percussions: Maykol Pacheco


“A Gozar El Ritmo”, published by Downbridge Publishing, is distributed by Alosibla Music Group in digital format only in all major digital stores and streaming platforms. For more information, visit the website www.alosiblamusicstore.com


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