• AMISTAD - Dasiel y Asi Son & Paky Madarena


Dasiel y Asi Son & Paky Madarena

“Amistad” is more than just a music production; it is a tribute to the passing of his friend, Gaetano.

It’s an emotional journey through the shared memories, laughter, and indelible moments that characterized the friendship between Paky Madarena and Gaetano.

The lyrics reflect the depth of the bonds of friendship between two or more people, and this song conveys the beauty and fragility of human relationships shared with people on a daily basis.

Through the sound of the music of the Dasiel Y Asi Son orchestra and the lyrics written by Paky Madarena, the artists want to convey to all those who have lost a dear friend a tangible memory of eternal love and gratitude for a friendship that will continue to live in the hearts of Paky Madarena and all those who have suffered an important loss in their lives.