• AMOR EN SECRETO - Lean & Akai

Amor En Secreto

Lean & Akai

Chilean duo Bachatero Lean & Akai continue to make the talk, this time announcing their new work “Amor En Secreto“, which continues to explore the terrain of sensual bachata with an ideal dance style and provocative theme.

“For us it is always a pleasure to release new music, that’s why we work every day, and our favorite style has always been the sensual and intense Bachata, after all it is music we make for our audience, we try to think like them and what they would like to hear. , and dance too! Plus, I always like to push lyrics to the limits of what’s correct when it comes to love, I like to write about forbidden love and stuff, but it doesn’t mean I’m like that! ” Akai points out laughing.

Leanway, guitarist of the band, comments that “I feel that with this song I am back to my beginnings, the style that I like the most on the guitar, I consider myself an intense person when it comes to playing, and the truth is that Akai always annoys me. calling me at any time to show me a new idea, but among all the songs we came up with, we decided that this was ideal to record, we have a working method where we complement each other very well and the love and heart that we we put in is very evident here “.

“Amor En Secreto” is the second work that Lean & Akai will release together with the record label EQS Music, produced by Derek Vinci, and the first song that will feature the entire group in its Live Version Videoclip.

The new single will now be available on all digital platforms. You can follow all the work and updates of the group on their social networks, “Lean & Akai” on Facebook, Youtube and @ lean.akai on Instagram.

The single is supported exclusively for Italy by the sub publisher MB Music Consulting and by Tito Moreno, with the participation of Alosibla Music Group.

For more information visit the page www.alosiblamusicstore.com