• AMOR ETERNO - Valerio El Director & DJ Cyber T feat. Will D


Valerio El Director & DJ Cyber T feat. Will D

Amor Eterno, the new single by Valerio El Director & Dj Cyber ​​T, feat. Will D will go out on May the 6th!

Amor Eterno is a moving bachata, dominated by the numerous emotions that the end of a love brings with it; disappointment, misunderstanding and often a lot of loneliness pervade minds and hearts, troubled by events and marked by wounds that only time will perhaps heal. Alone, with their “whys” and all the doubts of an important decision, which leaves immense space for the uncertainty of a choice, perhaps unaware of an irrecoverable error. As the author quotes, “life plays tricks: it made them find but then it separated them“; often one does not realize what is being lost and even when everything seems to be over, she will remain forever in her heart: “An Eternal Love“.

Amor Eterno is published by MB Music Consulting and Downbridge Publishing and will be distributed by MB Music with the collaboration of Alosibla Music Group. The song will be available from May at all major Digital Stores.

For information www.alosiblamusicstore.com