• Asi Te Amo - Papo V ft. DJ David Pedron

Asi Te Amo


The stylistic path of Papo V is wide, a Puerto Rican artist from Chicago, who established himself with great success in bachata despite having a well-structured background in Hip Pop, Reggaeton and Trap.

In Asi Te Amo, Papo V was able to express all his melodic expression; a typically Dominican bachata with a charge of romanticism and sweetness that will excite the most passionate dancers and bachateros.

With his versatile style, more and more complete, there will be no obstacle that will be able to stop the musical and interpretative talent of Papo V.

But nothing can be accomplished without the support of an expert on the dance floor, of a dominator and protagonist born to involve and direct the dancers towards their most advanced choreographies.

And here goes the precious contribution of Dj David Pedron, a well-known musical connoisseur and expert artistic entertainer; his knowledge of the dynamics of the disco places sees him as a strategic and fundamental figure; his competence combined with an ancient passion for music and his intense and extensive experience, celebrates him as one of the most important bachata and Latin DJs in France, subsequently acquiring considerable international credit.

Last but not least, the producer of Asi Te Amo is Gino Brigida aka Gino Producer, the infallible architect Creator of excellent publications and excellent music.

A union that brings together three great multicultural nationalities, France, United States and Italy, where Latin music reigns undisturbed for the happiness of thousands of fans.

Produced by MB Music with the collaboration of Downbridge Publishing, who will take care of the promotion, Asi Te Amo will be available from 16 September 2021 in streaming and download in all major Digital Stores.


For information, visit www.alosiblamusicstore.com