• 01 Desgraciado- Bachata e pandemia
  • 02 Amame- Bachata e pandemia
  • 03 Espacio de amor- Bachata e pandemia
  • 04 Plegarias- Bachata e pandemia
  • 5 Si un dia me faltaras- Bachata e pandemia

Bachata y Pandemia

Bachata y Pandemia is an EP created in the 2020 by the artist and composer Mr. Don.

Clearly inspired by the current state of the whole world, Mr. Don still wanted to give a sign of artistic continuity, just at a time when very strong stresses of instability were hitting world society.

Although the thematics do not strictly concern the sad experience in progress, Mr. Don still wanted to offer romantic, quite consoling atmospheres, to ease the strong tensions and uncertainties that have struck us all.

The call to affection and all its facets, to the hope of being able to embrace again without fear, to the truest and most natural spontaneity, are messages that emanate from the soft harmonies and melodies of this EP played by Mr. Don.

A project full of feeling and emotion of a virtuoso artist, who knows how to work alongside many esteemed performers and important guests such as Anais, Manny Montes and Papo V.

The EP is proposed by EQS and Derek Deler, a well-known American producer, who will soon release the new album by the Chilean artist.

The songs are distribuited, exclusively for Italy, by MB Music Consulting and Tito Moreno, with the participation of Alosibla Music Group.