• Baila Mi Montuno - ESTEBAN y DJ LINDO

Baila Mi Montuno


A new single shows the duo Dj Lindo and Esteban in fervent artistic activity; Baila Mi Montuno is their latest Cuban salsa, fast-paced and lively, which will thrill the most ardent dancers.

Cuba remains in the hearts of many as the most exciting “Isla Bonita”, full of sun, music, culture and a lot of energy; a vitality that shines through vigorously in every note of Baila Mi Montuno, which evokes its colors and scents, transporting us for a few minutes into the wonderful Caribbean atmosphere.

The musical union between Dj Lindo and Esteban is confirmed as excellent and full of affinity, a highly purposeful artistic combination that will surprise fans of Latin music from all over the world.

Like the previous one, Dj Lindo is the artistic director and sole producer of the single.

Baila Mi Montuno is published by MB Music with the participation of Downbridge Publishing, the song is also distributed by Alosibla Music Group in digital only format at the main digital stores.

For information visit the website www.alosiblamusicstore.com