• Buena Pa Gozar

Buena Pa Gozar


Herald of musical projects here is again Dj Vins who presents us a new single full of energy and rhythm.

Buena Pa ’Gozar is the title of this powerful and pressing salsa played by Kaisser, a 22-year-old emerging Cuban singer; little is known about him but a lot is heard, his background is not yet rich in experiences but his voice, decisive and musically virile, dominates and drags without respite into an unstoppable salsera experience … .. a true passion for all most virtuous dancers.

It will be a new success for DjVins, a tireless DJ producer, who with the help of Gino Dj and Tito Moreno has produced this winning single.

Buena Pa ‘Gozar is published by Downbridge Publishing and distributed by MB Music and Alosibla Music Group.

The promotion will be supported by a large Dj pool and by the ” Djs Latinos Juntos ” Community of which DjVins is the founder.

Buena Pa ’Gozar will be available from April in all major Digital Stores.

For information www.alosiblamusicstore.com