CANCELA ESA BODA | Voz A Voz – Gringo

Cancela Esa Boda, El Gringo feat. Gio Voz a Voz

The new song of El Gringo De La Bachata featuring Gio El Leon vocalist of the group Voz a Voz, is a composition from the same Gio Doleo, produced in New York by Golden Pen music studios in collaboration with Gino Brigida (Gino Dj) and Tito Moreno.

This song at the rhythm of Bachata reunites all the colors and chords with the times, furthermore counting on a masterly interpretation from both artists, highly renowned musicians from the industry of the music participated in the production, whom have put their talent in artists in the calibers of Prince Royce, Zacarias Ferreiras, Hector Acosta, among others.

Cancela Esa Boda narrates a very true story where a disgust man makes demands at his eternal love who is about to be married with someone else, telling her to at least not use the same caress nor words that at one moment she used with him, this man clings to her and doesn’t want to resign that he has lost her until telling her face to face to “Candela Esa Boda”.

Cancela Esa Boda, El Gringo feat. Gio Voz a Voz