• 01 CANDELA | CANDELA – Fabio Gianni & DJ Max Cuba
  • 02 MALA MUJER | CANDELA – Fabio Gianni & DJ Max Cuba
  • 03 AGUA AL FUEGO | CANDELA – Fabio Gianni & DJ Max Cuba
  • 04 LOCO | CANDELA – Fabio Gianni & DJ Max Cuba


Fabio Gianni & DJ Max Cuba

The mini EP is the second collaboration of Fabio Gianni and Max Cuba after the song FUERA present in the last salsa.it compilation before the covid.

This time behind the scenes, however, there is also the contribution of Andrea Piombin (el Timba), fundamental in giving a direction to the production and of @Electric Studio (PD-Italy), where all the sound elements were recorded ( except for the winds) and made mixes and mastering.

These are 4 deliberately very different sauces that focus on fresh and different ideas and sounds from the multiple productions that invaded the market after the end of the pandemic.

CANDELA is the top song that gives the name to the album whose concept was conceived and supervised by El Timba.

A totally instrumental track and probably the most interesting for salsa dancers, Candela is made up of an aggressive sound dominated by a synthetic sound that simulates an electric guitar.

In MALA MUJER the “guaguamambo” style is masterfully interpreted by the Cuban singer Gendrys Bandera Cuello.

AGUA AL FUEGO is a truly particular piece, based on a trombone riff that runs through the entire piece and leads to a captivating solo of the same.

Sound that ideally tends towards funk and dance.

LOCO is probably the most “classic” of the four songs.

A romantic piece with very refined arrangements and illuminated by the splendid voice of Fito Gress, a singer who needs no introduction.

Valuable was the contribution of the now well-known Producer and Publisher Tito Moreno, founder of the new MB Music Consulting label as well as creator and coordinator of the project alongside DJ Producer Max Cuba; his indispensable support allowed Max to take care of the composition of the lyrics and to better manage the executive production of the disc.

The mini EP, published by MB Music Consulting and Downbridge Publishing, is distributed by MB Music with the support of Alosibla Music Group, and will be available from May 27, 2022 at all major digital stores.

For more information visit the website www.alosiblamusicstore.com