• CELOSA - Massimo Scalici y la Poderosa ft. Freddy Ramos The Monk

Massimo Scalici

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Little over a year after the release of the GREATEST HITS of LA PODEROSA, the month of February 2019 marks the beginning of a new path by the orchestra and its leader.

CELOSA is a beautiful Salsa, in classic style Mambo Guaguancò, composed by Massimo Scalici who, despite being the lead vocalist of La Poderosa, prefers in this case, to offer the main role to Freddy Ramos (“The Monk”) singer of the orchestra “Tromboranga”.

Freddy, in fact, with his interpretation, gives the song the right “Old” touch, bringing it back to the sound loved by the “bailadores”, the New York/Puerto Rico Salsa proposed on social media.

The arrangement, entirely by Maestro Scalici and played by PODEROSA, is almost minimal and devoid of the metales section; a choice that leaves ample room for a perfect union between piano and vibraphone, two protagonist instruments that by using riffs, typical of Mambo, highlight the harmony and the search for those common affinities that unite them; a wide section of percussion accompany the whole composition with high quality sounds worthy of international productions.

The lyrics deal in a fun way with a theme, jealousy, that is often encountered in everyone’s reality and in this case, it’s involuntarily feminine. Tricked by a wild passion for Latin music, the courted and suitor yields to the invitations and sensual looks around him, showing off virtuose choreography full of passion and sabor.

As usual, the publishing of La Poderosa will take place at the same time as the release of the official videoclip.

In addition to being the producer and director, Massimo also appears here as a co-star, along with Freddy Ramos.

The deliberately retro look of the scenes is in perfect harmony with the distinctly vintage sounds of the song, accompanying the story in a fun way with a truly original surprise ending.

Among the performers we discover numerous characters belonging to the many artistic realities related to the dance and the Latin American music of Sicily, place of origin and activity of La Poderosa.

The track, available from the end of February at the main digital stores, is published by Downbridge Publishing and published by Alosibla Music Group – executive production is curated by Tito Moreno.

For information visit the website: www.alosiblamusicstore.it

Facebook: Massimo Scalici / La Poderosa / www.massimoscalici.it

Press release: I Art Comunication.