• CUANTO VALE SU AMOR - Johnny Evidence & Bachata Heightz

Cuanto Vale Su Amor

Johnny Evidence & Bachata Heightz

Relentless, the bachata genre continues to grow and meet the tastes of more and more dancers and amateurs over the years. This is also thanks to a number of excellent new artists who continue to produce high quality songs.

In this regard, we highlight a collaboration that can be defined with no doubt as winning, the one between the artist Johnny Evidence and the Bachata Heightz group.

Jhonny Evidence combines his voice and his words with the style of the renowned Bachata Heightz group in the song “Cuanto Vale Su Amor” a bachata full of feeling and romanticism, pleasant to listen to and with expressive lyrics.

“Cuanto Vale Su Amor” is produced by DerekVinci of EQS Musica, merging the cosmopolitan New York style of the producer with the more traditional Dominican style of the artists.

The single is supported exclusively for Italy by the sub-publisher MB Music Consulting and by Tito Moreno, with the participation of Alosibla Music Group.

For more info visit the website www.alosiblamusicstore.com.