• Devuelvemelo Todo - JOHANDY X DEREKVINCI

Devuelvemelo Todo



“Devuelvemelo Todo” is a Bachata where the feeling and passion stand out in a genuine way.

This song is the perfect gift for every lover of fine lyrics and Bachata dancers.

Johandy focuses a little more on the sentimental side with this Bachata and shows with her voice because “It’s undeniable”.

This single promises to be a success, since before leaving it was listened to by several experts of the genre who gave their full support to this beautiful Bachata.

In this single Johandy joins forces with top producer DerekVinci who gives his unique and sophisticated touch to this musical arrangement.

DerekVinci is a renowned producer in the world, who promises to continue releasing songs of quality amusing all kind of listeners.

The Bachata “Devuelvemelo Todo” comes out with a video filmed in the Dominican Republic and it will be promoted through Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Dj Pools, Latin Radios from the Caribbean and the USA.

The single is produced and distributed by EQS Musica and presented in Italy by MB Music Consulting and Tito Moreno, with the participation of Alosibla Music Group.

For more information visit www.alosiblamusicstore.it