• EL FANTASMA Preascolto

Dj Lindo & Marco

Welcome to Dj Lindo and Marco Ronca in Alosibla Music Group!!!

The collaboration between these two artist was born from Albert’s (Dj Lindo) desire to find a partner to produce new salsa. Here comes Marco Ronca, musician, composer, arranger sound and mastering engineer. They met in Graz, Austria, after an event where they were working as djs. Together they decide to give birth to their first single El Fantasma.

El Fantasma immediately have great success, is played a lot around Italy and Europe and in some important conventions of latin american dance. A fluent salsa with influences from latin jazz, able to win the heart of the dancers and to please the ears of the amateurs listeners as well. The piano here is the dominant instrument, chosen wisely because of the talent of Marco as a keyboards and piano musician. While the bongo solo is from an idea of Albert, that knows very well how to give full expression to the virtuosism of the dancers.

In July 2019 the two artists signed with Downbridge Publishing, that become their publisher for this production, the first of a long series of other future projects, so stay tuned!

The single El Fantasma is on sale in all major digital stores online, check it out now!