• El Shalatin - DJ Carrozza



DJ Carrozza was born in Milan in August 1976; guitarist since his adolescence, he will always remain linked to the musical and artistic world, later leading him to become passionate and approach Latin American music, which will then see him become a Caribbean dance teacher.

His experience as a dancer and Dee Jay brings him back to music by presenting his first song entitled “El Shalatin” to be released on Friday 24 February 2023.

The piece was composed and recorded by DJ Carrozza in 2022, while mixing and mastering were entrusted to the professional Jenny Dee.

“El Shalatin” is an entirely instrumental salsa, inspired by a journey that the author undertakes to the Egyptian town of the same name, a few kilometers from the border with Sudan, famous for its Dromedary market.

“El Shalatin” begins with the original background of the market, accompanied by an acoustic guitar that will be a constant presence throughout the rest of the song.

After a few bars the leitmotiv of the entire work is presented, characterized by the classic Hammond sound which will give the arrangement a recognizable and characteristic timbre.

One of the most evident peculiarities of the song is therefore the experimental fusion of two apparently culturally distant atmospheres, which come together to form an original and stimulating sound for the Latin music dancers.

“El Shalatin” is published by MB Music with the participation of Downbridge Publishing, the song is also distributed by MB Music in digital format only at the main digital stores.