• ELEONOR FEAT. AXEL acoustic version


Ft. Axel


The Kizomba project called “Eleonor” originates from a renewed cooperation among El Puma dj and Salvatore Nonnis (authors of unforgettable international successes such as “Mueve la Colita” and “La Vuelta”, respectively) and E.D.O.

This Italian version features a collaboration with Axel, the rapper who founded Wild Street Records, the recording studio as well as mine of talents where many artists have developed their skills including, for example, Dylan Magon, the new discovery of “The Voice”, the popular television programme.

The new single, that’s only available on the digital record market, has been enhanced by an unplugged version whose recording and mix-down have been personally followed by Axel.

Lorenzo Confetta’s expertise has been a precious help too. His contribution to the video-clip making and to the arrangement mixing played a fundamental and decisive role.

Both versions were issued by Downbridge Publishing and distributed by Alosibla Music Group.

Presse release by “I Art comunication”