• ENAMORADO SOLO - Voz a Voz Gio El Leon feat. Dj Pakito El Pikante


Voz a Voz Gio El Leon feat. Dj Pakito El Pikante

Enamorado Solo - VOZ A VOZ

“When devotion and sentiment contrast with the torment of one-way love, only desire can keep the light flame of hope lit”; this is the romantic and poignant essence of Enamorado Solo, new single of Voz a Voz Gio El Leon.

Unique and passionate as always, Gio El Leon fills Enamorado Solo‘s music with emotion, with that intensity of those who are experiencing an adventure with an uncertain outcome. An usual interpretative magic, which in the past has honored him with prestigious awards, such as Billboard and Grammy nominations.

Published by Downbridge Publishing and created by Gino Producer, Enamorado Solo also sees the artistic support of Dj Pakito el Pikante, stage name of Pasquale Recchilongo of Teramo, as coproducer, who has inspired that stylistic harmony typical of a bachata that will involve the most passionate dancers.

Distributed by the Alosibla Music Group, Enamorado Solo can be listened to and purchased in all the main digital music stores, and of course dance in all the most prestigious Latin discos.

For more information: www.alosiblamusicstore.com