• ENCIMA DE MI - Vinny Rivera & DerekVinci

Encima de Mi

Vinny Rivera & DerekVinci

Vinny Rivera reconnects himself with thousands of listeners and dancers from all over the world and releases his new single “Encima De Mi”.

“Encima De Mi” is the first single of his upcoming Ep “Titan”.

The song is undoubtedly of a sensual and provocative nature and describes his desires in detail in a subtle and a bit transgressive way with an engaging melody that holds the dancers on the dance floor.

Produced by DerekVinci, “Encima De Mi” remains faithful to the standards of “The Bachata Cøde”, a project that involves musicians from Europe, the United States and the Dominican Republic and that gives an Urban flavor to Vinny Rivera’s music.

Having covered a wide variety of styles, Vinny wanted to offer something special and unique here for his growing audience, an original composition to complete the style and atmosphere he has been developing since the beginning of this year.

The release of the single will be followed by a music video to highlight the visual component of the song, which will be strongly promoted in Europe and the United States through social networks, Dj Pools, Latin Radios and in all Bachata dance schools around the world.

The single is supported exclusively for Italy by the sub publisher MB Music Consulting and by Tito Moreno, with the participation of Alosibla Music Group.

For more information visit the website www.alosiblamusicstore.com