Fito Ortiz

Esta Mulata will be available in July 2023, interpreted by Fito Ortiz, featuring Marco Dor, aka Marco Dj, and Luca Schiavo.

Fito Ortiz is a singer from San Rafael, near Holguin (Cuba). From his first experiences when he was only 14 years old, Fito Ortiz comes to interpret his first single, which will see him move from the small stages of Cuban pubs to the great stage of international Latin music.

Marco Dj from Portogruaro (VE) and Luca Schiavo from Treviso support him in his new experience, both passionate music influencers and Deejays, originating from 90s’ Dance-Music, but now completely dedicated to Latin Music.

Luca Schiavo has already created various publications, including “La Gustosa,” “Noche Entera,” and “Para Santiago,” which earned him the official title of Dee-jay Producer.

Esta Mulata is a moderately Urban Cuban Salsa with an excellent rhythm and a carefree freshness that makes you dream of the magical Isla Bonita.

The single was entirely produced in Cuba by Luca Schiavo and Marco Dor, in collaboration with Gino Brigida.

Published by MB Music with the collaboration of Downbridge Publishing, who will take care of the advertising, Esta Mulata will be available for streaming and download in all major Music Stores. For further information, visit the website at www.alosiblamusicstore.com.