• Ilusiones - Mr.Don



Samuel Ortega is a Chilean artist, better known as Mr. Don, inspired and oriented mainly towards the bachata genre and its many influences. Singer, guitarist and mainly composer of splendid melodies and romantic and sensual, atmospheres, Mr. Don manages to excite fans and dancers, treating for them, with his splendid words, sentimental topics of life and daily experience; love stories that are sometimes positive but that sometimes bring upset, disappointment, emotions that are mentioned in this latest single entitled “Ilusiones”. They are “unreachable desires” which lead us very often to sadness; a mixture of hope and broken dreams, from which only we have the power to escape unscathed; to tell all of this, Mr. Don has the perfect style, which always leaves a hope to start again, with naturalness and spontaneity, to love one more time.

“Ilusiones” is a song produced by Derek Deler of EQS Music. The single will be included in the new album by Mr. Don and presented for Italy by MB Music Consulting and Tito Moreno, with the participation of Alosibla Music Group.