• 01_Refréscate - JUSTO A TU GUSTO - Pedrito Calvo Jr
  • 02_Voy A Pedir - JUSTO A TU GUSTO - Pedrito Calvo Jr
  • 03_Avanza - JUSTO A TU GUSTO - Pedrito Calvo Jr
  • 04_Bacalao - JUSTO A TU GUSTO - Pedrito Calvo Jr
  • 05_La Autoestima - JUSTO A TU GUSTO - Pedrito Calvo Jr
  • 06_Se Escapa El Alma - JUSTO A TU GUSTO - Pedrito Calvo Jr
  • 07_Cuando Tin Tiene - JUSTO A TU GUSTO - Pedrito Calvo Jr
  • 08_Pa_ Loco Yo - JUSTO A TU GUSTO - Pedrito Calvo Jr
  • 09_El Ambiente - JUSTO A TU GUSTO - Pedrito Calvo Jr
  • 10_Vive La Vida - JUSTO A TU GUSTO - Pedrito Calvo Jr

– Pedrito Calvo Jr

JUSTO A TU GUSTO, Pedrito Calvo Jr

April 2019 announces the release of “Justo a Tu Gusto”, the new album by Pedrito Calvo Junior. Soaked in Cuban soul and expression and with musically evolved content, the record strongly preserves those typical features and atmospheres of the “Isla”. A period of intense work lasting over a year generated a great discographic result, rich in virtuous content, which clearly suggests the creative depth employed in its realization.

Pedrito Calvo Junior, coming from a family of artists and son of the famous Cuban singer, Pedrito Calvo, was born in Havana on March 4, 1979. Very soon he began his musical studies, dedicated to guitar and singing, which led him to his first latin orchestra experiences; but his actual professional career was born with “Lm Sobredosis”, “La Farandula”, “Charanga Forever”; for 5 years he also played with “Pedrito Calvo y la Justicia”, his father’s orchestra (with which he also recorded several discs).

The intense musical activity allowed him to acquire a wide experience and an outstanding professionalism; numerous live events, participation in musicals and shows, such as “Paradise Road” and “Mango Tropical Café”, enabled him to acquire that mastery of the stage that he shared, on several occasions, with great names of the Cuban music, such as Ibrahim Ferrer, Omara Portuondo, Pio Leiva, Los Van Van, Amadito Valdez, Barbarito Torres and many others.

At the beginning of 2009 he founded Pedrito Calvo Jr. y su Orquesta, participating with it in his first international tour and playing with great success at the festival “Cubamemucho 2009” in Germany. With the same formation he will later on participate in several tours in France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Venezuela, Poland, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland and many others, and naturally, his beloved Cuba.

The recording activity has also been well conceived so far, releasing 3 albums and several successful singles (including Casinero Si or Si, Por Carambola, Dime Que Tu, Esperandote, Perdoname). This last project, especially, represents a decisive turning point in his career; in “Justo a Tu Gusto” it is now evident that he has reached his musical maturity, which, through great attention to detail, has brought prestige and completion to the arrangements and interpretations of all musicians. From the very first listening, therefore, the rapid rhythms that involve the dancers are affirmed, stimulating them in their whirling evolutions and the magical atmospheres that recall the experiences of an unique culture full of vital spirit; some of the songs actually talk about daily life, memories he experienced in his magical Cuba, family nostalgia and moments of fraternal intimacy; the song “El Ambiente” was indeed taken from a story by his sister, while “Se Escapa el Alma” is dedicated by Pedrito to his beloved grandmother, to remember her after her death. Other passages include positive perspectives, such as “Voy a Pedir”, a text that encourages people to believe in a better future for all.

An intense album, therefore, both in terms of music and lyrics, greatly enhanced by the recording quality, the numerous performances and the great experience and competence of José Mendoza in the Mixdown.

The project’s executive producers are Tito Moreno for Alosibla Music Group and Francesco Brizzi, who also appears as co-author of the tracks. The editing is managed by Downbridge Publishing srl.

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JUSTO A TU GUSTO, Pedrito Calvo Jr