• Que Bonito Fué | LAGRIMAS
  • Lo Mejor | LAGRIMAS
  • Que Lastima | LAGRIMAS
  • Las Puertas Del Cielo | LAGRIMAS



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From April 28, 2022, the new EP by Jose Luis Green, aka Chelion, bachatero singer native of the Dominican Republic, will be officially available. The new production, entitled Lagrimas, will contain 4 songs in perfect sensual style.

Que Bonito Fué – Lo Mejor – Que Lastima – Las Puertas del Cielo express the different emotions of love, happiness, passion but also disturbance and sometimes disappointment, in relationships that are the love life of each one of us.

Chelion is a master in the interpretation of such emotions that take shape in the splendid choreography of the most passionate dancers; but that it is not alone and simply dancing is shown in the video clips that accompanied the release of the artist’s previous singles: the video of Lo Mejor, starring the spaniards Korke y Judith; and the video of Que Lastima, played by Andrea and Silvia.

The release of the EP will instead be accompanied by the release of a third video, Que Bonito Fué, this time with the collaboration of the Latin Mafia Dance School, which will be followed by the video of the fourth single from the album, Las Puertas del Cielo , in the footsteps of Gaby y Estefy. Gestures and looks create passionate choreographies that together with the music show the magic of Bachata sensual.

The EP was made with the participation, as producers, of Gino Brigida and Tito Moreno, a winning team, experienced and attentive to new musical trends.

Published by Downbridge Publishing and distributed by MB Music, Lagrimas will be available from 28 April 2022 in streaming and download in all major Digital Stores.

For information, visit www.alosiblamusicstore.com