• LLAMAME - Dj Vins feat. Carlos Pilo


Dj Vins feat. Carlos Pilo

The new single by DJ Vins feat. Carlos Pilo, entitled “Llamame,” has a moderate cadence but is rich in “Sabor Cubano.”

Made in Cuba at MB Music’s decentralized studios, Llamame brings a breath of Caribbean air to Italy, highlighting the characteristics of that atmosphere and typicality that all of us, lovers of Latin music, often dream of.

It’s with great skill that Carlos Pilo, a Cuban artist originally from Havana, manages to convey the taste of his homeland, where music, dance, rhythms, and the pleasure of sharing give serenity and the joy of living.

With “Llamame,” the tireless music journey of DJ Vins, promoter of good music, continues, always accompanied by producers Gino Brigida and Tito Moreno in their constant and fruitful search for new talents and artistic stimuli.

“Llamame” is published by MB Music and Downbridge Publishing; the song is also distributed by Alosibla Music Group in digital-only format at all major digital music stores.

For further information, visit the website www.alosiblamusicstore.com.