• Lo Mejor - Chelion

Lo Mejor


Jose Luis Green, aka Chelion, is the interpreter of the single “Lo Mejor“, a Dominican bachata rich in typical Caribbean style and produced entirely in the Dominican Republic.

Romanticism and melancholy are the emotions that Chelion perfectly knows how to convey to his audience of passionate bachateros; love always dominates, making life an adventure full of wonderful experiences, magical moments and lost opportunities.

The style is sensual, as strongly recalled by the splendid choreographies by Korke y Judith (Jorge Escalona and Judith Cordero Pereiro) two spectacular Spanish dancers, guests of honor the founders of this current.

Lo Mejor by Chelion was created with the participation, as producers, of Gino Brigida (aka Gino Dj) and Tito Moreno, a winning team that continues to collect works of artistic value, for the pleasure of all the most passionate dancers.

Produced by Downbridge Publishing and distributed by MB Music, Lo Mejor will be available from 8 November 2021 in streaming and download at all major Musical Stores.

For information visit www.alosiblamusicstore.com