• LO QUE TE GUSTA - Proyecto Estilo Unico


Proyecto Estilo Unico – ft Esteban

The new single produced by MB Music, scheduled for the first days of April 2024, bears the Proyecto Estilo Unico signature.

Lo Que Te Gusta is a vibrant and engaging Cuban son, performed by the voice of Esteban, a popular artist from Havana, already the protagonist of previous singles Avisala and Llegó la Clave. Its typical Caribbean character projects us directly into the Cuban atmosphere and its fascinating and intense rhythms, through which this lively “Son de Oriente” emerges and stimulates the desire of passionate dancers and the most faithful dreamers of the “Isla Bonita.”

Lo Que Te Gusta was completely produced and recorded in Cuba in collaboration with the producers Gino Brigida, Tito Moreno, and Marco Ghamo, the faithful protagonists and creators of this important music project.

The single, distributed by Downbridge Publishing and in collaboration with Alosibla Music Group, will be available on April 2, 2024, in all major music digital stores.