• Look Inside – Neko DJ


Neko DJ

Paolo Tarì aka Neko DJ, famous musical Dj Producer, presents his latest production “Look Inside”, a kizomba dedicated to lovers of Afro-Angolan and Caribbean sounds.


Neko DJ approached the world of kizomba in 2017, studying its characteristics in all its nuances and facets, from Semba up to Urban. His passion for Kizomba led him to conduct a radio program entirely dedicated to Afro-Angolan musicality, up to starting the path of djing in evenings, events and festivals.


Look Inside presents itself with a sound full of mystery, stimulating deep perceptions that the dancers will be able to express through their choreographic fantasies.

“Look Inside”, distributed by Rose Music with the participation of Downbridge Publishing and Alosibla Music Store, is available in digital format in the main digital stores.