• ME LA LLEVO - Merlino DJ feat. Los Papi Records

Me La Llevo


Faithful to the previous style of clear Cuban origin, here is Merlino DJ feat. Los Papi Records with their new single “Me La Llevo”.

Me la llevo expresses energy, rhythm, fresh and modern sounds of “la Isla”, a dream and desire of all of us, where joy and lightheartedness are felt with every breath.

Engaging and full of stimuli, the song contaminates the most passionate dancers at 360 degrees, creating that typical Caribbean atmosphere that has the flavor of “la fiesta”.

Me La Llevo will be a sure success that will fill Merlino Dj and Los Papi Records with satisfaction, ready to plan their next release.

Me La Llevo is published by MB Music Consulting and Downbridge Publishing and will be distributed by MB Music with the collaboration of Alosibla Music Group.

The song will be available from October 2022 at all major Digital Stores.

For information www.alosiblamusicstore.com