• Melaza Con Swing

Melaza con Swing


An amazing duo salsero bears the signature of a new single that will invade the world tracks and unleash the energy of the most virtuous dancers.

Melaza con Swing is his title and the performers are the popular Valerio El Director and Nestor Pacheco.

Swing and Latin rhythm burst with force and involve fans from the very first listening; the unmistakable singing style of Nestor Pacheco brings back to typical sounds that have now become an indispensable standard; but the great protagonist is Valerio El Director, the only composer and arranger of Melaza with Swing; excellent connoisseur of the Latin world, Valerio knows how to exalt the dancers, how to set the dance floor on fire and how to make an unforgettable evening.

Valerio’s musical background strongly contributes to nourishing those compositional and creative skills that reward his dedication and his great passion for Latin music.

Preparing is essential so as not to be overwhelmed by Melaza with Swing and going wild will be practically inevitable.

Produced by MB Music with the collaboration of Downbridge Publishing who will take care of the promotion, Melaza with Swing will be available from 9 July 2021 in streaming and download at all the main Musical Stores.

For information, visit www.alosiblamusicstore.com