• METELE EL DEO - Merlino DJ feat Los Papi Records

Metele El Deo


The last single by Merlino Dj entitled Metele el Deo is a powerful timba, a perfect translation of “put your finger on him”, clearly referring to the gesture of appreciation and consent, given by all of us through the very popular “I like” of the most famous existing social network.

For many years now and more and more frequently, social networks have become part of our days and it seems that no one can do without them anymore. So why not put one of the best known gestures on the planet to music? Merlino Dj‘s intuition is winning; the song is an invitation to join, to share, to socialize, through what makes us feel good and above all together, namely music, dance, rhythm. Metele el Deo is also a way of expressing an open mind and the desire to be there.

“Timba para bailar y gozar juntos”, this is the motto, the binder that dancers and fans of Latin music will understand, in a perfect Social style.

Metele el Deo is published by MB Music Consulting and Downbridge Publishing and will be distributed by Mb Music with the collaboration of Alosibla Music Group. The song will be available from April in all major Digital Stores.

For information www.alosiblamusicstore.com