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Projecto Estilo Unico

Projecto Estilo Unico’s new single, “MI FAMILIA,”  will be available on October 31,2023. A  tropical-style salsa in the name of gratitude towards life and the wonderful emotions it can give you.

The main interpreter of this hymn to happiness is Manny Polanco, an emerging artist of Cuban origin who masterfully expresses the positive message contained in the prestigious lyrics and the hope that it will never fade.

Everything is then combined with well-conceived arrangements, which contain the typical Cuban stylistic features that take us back to the wonderful tropical atmospheres and the simplicity of a perhaps healthier and truer life.

With “Mi Familia,” the tireless music journey of DJ/Producer Marco Ghamo continues, always accompanied by producers Gino Brigida and Tito Moreno, aimed at the discovery of talents and the search for new artistic stimuli.

“Mi Familia” is published by MB Music Consulting with the participation of Downbridge Publishing and Alosibla Music Group, a guarantee of quality and commitment for over twenty years in the music industry.

For further information visit the website www.alosiblamusicstore.com.

Marco Ghamo: https://www.facebook.com/marco.djmarko

Gino B: https://www.facebook.com/ginodj.bachata