• Mi Segunda Primera Vez

MI SEGUNDA PRIMERA VEZ – JC Julio Cesar feat. Dj LupinTerzo & Xavi Masvidal

Fifteen years of career behind a console, as the star of so many Latin nightlife evenings in Turin, should be properly celebrated, and so Dario Fontanone, also known as DJ LupinTerzo, decided to celebrate this anniversary by creating his first musical production, a bachata entitled Mi Segunda Primera Vez.


To do so, he sought the collaboration of two Cuban musicians, who have been living in Turin and the outskirts of the city for years, and who decided to join this project: Xavi Masvidal, guitarist, arranger and composer, and JC Julio Cesar, interpreter and in this case also author of the song’s lyric. In short, a debut, but with well-established artists at its side, all of whom were nominated for the final phase of the Latin Music Awards this year, including Dj LupinTerzo.


Masvidal’s musical arrangements, who in recent years has worked with great artists such as Vicky Corbacho, Klas 3 and many others, give to the song a style much closer to the traditional one, while the lyric deals with the same theme as Juan Gabriel’s classic Así Fue, namely a woman’s late repentance over her ex, who in the meantime has rebuilt his life, falling in love with another person. Lastly, the supervision of DJ LupinTerzo added a valuable contribution in making this bachata work as well as possible on the dancefloors.


Mi Segunda Primera Vez will also be accompanied by a video produced by El Mago from L3 Entertainment, whose teaser has been released a few days ago and is distributed by Downbridge Publishing. The official video will be out on the 20th of July.


The single is available from the 13th of July in all major digital stores. Edit by Downbridge Publishing and Alosibla Music Group. The executive producer is Francisco Rojos.