• PASA EL TIEMPO - DJ Lindo & Anysa Michelle

Pasa El Tiempo



Fresh from the publication on Salsa.it vol. 17 comes out in “single” version Pasa el Tiempo, the bachata by Dj Lindo y Michelle Anysa produced in collaboration with Gino Dj.

Although unusual, the re-presentation of the piece is motivated by the intense meaning that the text has; almost a poem dedicated to a dear person who passed away and to the numerous emotions that originate from it; sadness, melancholy, resignation, but also joy for sharing moments of great intensity.

Such a particular work could not remain hidden inside a compilation; it deserved its own independent light, to evoke the wonderful memories it possesses. But none of this would have happened without Michelle Anysa’s beautiful voice; the interpretation of her gives the piece a stylistic charge that enhances that particular feeling, which will take shape from the enchanting choreography of the most passionate dancers.

A perfect harmony was therefore born between Dj Lindo (Albert Fiorentù) and Anysa, who made her debut with bachata, after an experience mainly aimed at Pop.

Of Indonesian origin and daughter of art, Anysa is passionate about dance, music and composition, to cross who knows what other borders in the future.

Pasa el Tiempo will be distributed by Downbridge Publishing which will handle the promotion and will be available from the 31th of March 2022 in streaming and download in all major Digital Stores.

For information, visit www.alosiblamusicstore.com