• Pero Dime - DJ Vins feat. Lele


DJ Vins feat. Lele

Dj Vins new Single feat. Lele, “Pero Dime“,  will be available from March 2023, a pleasant salsa song that will certainly be appreciated by the most passionate dancers.

The mature voice played by Lele, an emerging Cuban artist from Santiago, excites and involves into a choreographic creativity, full of gestures, in agreement with the couple, creating that magical moment when the dancers manage to express their passions.

Nothing emerges of virtuoso except the simplicity of well -conceived, fluid and at times romantic arrangements.

With “Pero Dime” follows the tireless musical journey of DJ Vins, always accompanied by the producers Gino Brigida and Tito Moreno, prostheses towards the discovery of talents and the search for new artistic stimuli.

“Pero Dime” is published by MB Music Consulting with the participation of Downbridge Publishing, the song is also distributed by Alosibla Music Group in digital format in all major Digital Stores.

For information visit the website www.alosiblamusicstore.com