• 01 - Si No Lo Tiene - PRIMERO LA MELODIA - Grupo Klavesalsa
  • 02 - Todo Mi Sabor - PRIMERO LA MELODIA - Grupo Klavesalsa
  • 03 - La Disputa - PRIMERO LA MELODIA - Grupo Klavesalsa
  • 04 - Envidioso - PRIMERO LA MELODIA - Grupo Klavesalsa

– Grupo Klavesalsa

Primero La Melodia, Grupo Klavesalsa

Welcome to Grupo Klavesalsa in Alosibla Music Group!


Grupo Klavesalsa has been founded in 2015 in Cali, Colombia, by Jose Mera and Charly Q. Rodriguez. Jose has the role of general manager, producer, composer and, together with Charly, is the vocalist of the band. Over the years they’ve awaken people’s interest in their music, which is the result of their spontaneous creative process as self-taught artists.

Primero la Melodia” is the debut album of the group, published in 2016. It contains four songs that even with their simple melodies attract the audience successfully.

Si No Lo Tiene, Todo Mi Sabor, La Disputa and Envidioso, each one of these songs has strong connections with the Jose’s life, they talk about everyday stories that also involve the listener who easily identify himself with the lyrics.

The song Envidioso has been included in the latest edition of Salsa.it Compilation, where the artists have started their collaboration with Alosibla Music Group and Downbridge Publishing.