• 01 Mi Guaguancó - QUE CHEVERE
  • 02 Cosas De Mujeres - QUE CHEVERE
  • 03 Me Hace Falta - QUE CHEVERE
  • 04 La Cura Para Olvidar - QUE CHEVERE
  • 05 Maldita Mujer - QUE CHEVERE

QUE CHEVERE feat. DJs Latinos Juntos

Various Artists

November 18, 2022 will mark the release of the first MB Music EP compilation that will prepare for the next winter season, inviting all passionate and professional dancers to plow the slopes of discos, clubs, concerts and all music events. Latin, to enjoy exciting evenings of fun in the name of the most engaging Caribbean rhythms.

Salsa and bachata are the styles presented by the 5 songs that make up “Que Chevere” created with the prestigious featuring of Djs Latinos Juntos, an expanding artistic team that has a consolidated professional experience and a lot of enthusiasm.

She opens the album “Mi Guaguancò” produced by Dj Lindo with the collaboration of Nestor Pacheco, in which her characteristic interpretative style is unequivocally highlighted; Mi Guaguancò will also be the opening track of Dj Lindo’s first album, which is scheduled to be released in early 2023.

This is followed by “Cosas de Mujeres” a pressing salsa, full of energy, interpreted by Mark Arias that gives the right momentum to the compilation; one of the promoters and producers of the song is Dj Vins who once again confirms himself in perfect harmony with the new trends; united with him, in perfect harmony and experience, we find Gino Brigida, an expert bachatero, but also an excellent salsa inspirer.

The third song is “Me Hace Falta” the first of the two bachates that make up the track list; produced by the popular DJ producer Max Cuba in collaboration with Gino Brigida & Tito Moreno, the song is interpreted here by Papo V, a highly experienced artist. Me Hace Falta is a delicate theme, with a romantic atmosphere perfect for intensely in love lovers.

“La Cura Para Olvidar” follows a bachata produced by Valerio El Director; composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, Valerio continues his artistic career with passion and determination, also thanks to recent collaborations with European and international artists. Cura Para Olvidar deals with the theme of the survival of a wounded and suffering love;

The EP closes with Dj Merlino‘s salsa “Maldita Mujer”; a piece with a particular musical cadence that also here takes up the disappointment of a relationship that leaves aftermath of little serenity. The artistic collaboration of Dj Merlino with Los Papi Records continues, a team of excellent musical and creative quality, full of excellent ideas and engaging solutions.

Finally, the inspirer and coordinator of the whole project is Tito Moreno, Producer & Publisher of MB Music, the record label he founded.

Que Chevere is distributed by MB Music Consulting in collaboration with Alosibla Music Group and will be available from 18 October 2022 in the most important digital stores.