• QUIERO UN AMOR - Joel Santos

Quiero Un Amor


Quiero Un Amor” is the new single by Joel Santos, a very talented Dominican artist and bachatero. From his splendid voice, words full of romanticism and hope are poured out in the search for that love, true and profound, which is the universal desire of the world.

Quiero Un Amor is expectation, impatience, fantasy, sensations that are released from the passionate interpretation of Joel Santos. The musical style, predominantly Dominican and without any contamination, offers a Caribbean sound perfect for the most refined or intimate choreographic of all passionate dancers.

In the dance video created for the occasion, Quiero un Amor accompanies the choreography created by David and Atosa and by all the staff of the La Fuerte Uniòn dance school in Rome.

Quiero Un Amor by Joel Santos was created with the participation, as producers, of Gino Brigida (alias Gino Dj), Tito Moreno and Dj Vins, a winning team that punctually donates works of precious artistic value to its public.

Published by Downbridge Publishing and distributed by MB Music, Quiero Un Amor will be available from December 2021 in streaming and download on all major Musical Stores.

For information, visit www.alosiblamusicstore.com