• 01 LIFE - Room 303
  • 02 FREEDOM - Room 303
  • 03 MAGIC - Room 303
  • 04 LOVE BIT - Room 303
  • 05 BLU - Room 303
  • 06 PERU - Room 303
  • 07 REBIRTH - Room 303
  • 08 YOURBAN - Room 303
  • Room - Room 303
  • Sensation - Room 303
  • 11 LIFE (dream version) - Room 303
  • 12 FREEDOM (dream version) - Room 303
  • 13 BLU (dream version) - Room 303
  • 14 PERU (dream version) - Room 303
  • 15 REBIRTH (dream version) - Room 303
  • 16 ROOM (dream version) - Room 303

Room 303


Giacomo Gaffi aka MERLINO DJ is the protagonist of Room 303 (Divoc Pandemy), an instrumental album created entirely by him. Merlino DJ is a complete and passionate artist, active for years in the musical circuits of numerous clubs where he presents his repertoire and his Caribbean and Angolan musical selections.

His role as DJ Producer and musician, coming from classical studies, has inspired him to experiment with a musical fusion, which has as purpose the union of two artistic worlds: the classical one, represented by the presence of parts, sequences, harmonies and melodies interpreted by the acoustic piano; and the more Afro / Latin American one that is expressed through more ethnic and tribal rhythms, coming from his knowledge acquired in years of Dee Jay’s activity, in which he has had the opportunity to deepen their musical culture. The task is an artistic partnership, in search of that intimate compromise that binds every perceptive, emotional or simply pleasant element in art and culture.


The album was composed during 2020, better known as the “year of the pandemic”, in which the long time spent at the piano helped to underline the many moods that the artist, together with many others, was going through; happy days, sad days, others melancholy and others full of determination; multiple different emotions that converge in a desire for reaction and a desire to take back control on the situation and life.

Included in the album are 6 “Dream versions”, inserted to allow listening to the songs in a form of “relaxing” music.


The title of the album ROOM 303 originates from an experience of Merlino DJ which took place in 2016.

On the occasion of the earthquake that struck Umbria and involved him personally, he was welcomed by Ilgo di Perugia, a hotel that offered him hospitality and friendship for almost a year, right in room 303. The unforgettable moments of sharing with the director of the hotel and with all the staff, to whom Merlino DJ acknowledges an infinite thanks, have been supportive and inspirational for his musical project.


Produced by MB Music with the collaboration of Downbridge Publishing who will take care of the promotion, Room 303 will be available from 30 June 2021 in streaming and download at all the main Digital Stores.

For more information, visit www.alosiblamusicstore.com