• 01 - OTRO DIA DE AMOR - M. Scalici y La Poderosa
  • 02 - SIENTO - Dyago
  • 03 - CARTITA DE AMOR - Johnny Evidence
  • 04 - MI HERMOSO AMOR - Erikson El Genio
  • 05 - CALABAZA - Fabio Gianni ft. Ivan Venot
  • 06 - GIAN PACHANGA - M. Scalici ft. Gianni Renzi
  • 07 - GONE - JC El Emperador & X. Masvidal
  • 08 - A LOVE I’VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE - Queensy ft. Marco Lopez
  • 09 - CUENTAS CONMIGO - Ivan Venot ft. Dj Antonio Crea
  • 10 - AL NATURAL - Oeste 11
  • 11 - EL AMOR LLEGO’ - Fidel Leonett
  • 12 - LOCOS - Latingroove ft. Lenia Diaz
  • 13 - DIA CON ECLIPSE - Pablo Timba ft. Julio Cesar
  • 14 - MI PEQUEÑA PRINCESA- Ricky Jo ft. Maximo Music
  • 15 - TUMBAO MARIMBA - Mauro Castillo
  • 16 - LA MALA - Adonis Sensacion
  • 17 - MI BENDICIÓN - Fito Gress
  • 18 - BORRACHO - Dj Pé & Dj Banderas ft. Adal

SALSA.IT Vol. 14

go with the flow

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As reliable as usual, this year too Salsa.it Compilation Vol. 14 takes part in the Latin-American musical season in Italy. Thanks to a special cliché that never seems out of date, this release too doesn’t fear the passing of time at all.

The 18 tracks that make up the compilation do not betray the winning musical layout from the previous releases. In fact, this year too, there are some renowned and prestigious guests, as if to honour the established habit of celebrating those artists who became famous thanks to Salsa.it.

So, here are the echoing notes and unmistakable styles and of Massimo Scalici with the Poderosa, by Fito Gress, Fabio Gianni, Latingroove just to mention a few names from the first releases. Then the compilation continues with Ricky Jo, Pablo Timba, Ivan Venot, Maximo Music, all of them being very important artists featured in later releases, up to more recent artists such as Dyago, Jhonny Evidence, Erikson El Genio, JC El Emperador, Queensy, Oeste 11, Fidel Leonett, Mauro Castillo, Adonis Sensacion, Dj Pé e Dj Banderas, to finish off with the ever-present special guests of every release: Gianni Renzi, Dj Antonio Crea, Lenia Diaz, Adal, Julio Cesar, Marco Lopez y Xavier Masvidal.

A mix of authors and artists who are able to highlight the history and time covered by this unique musical experience which has been kept alive by Francisco Rojos – the shining and unflagging star who has been curator and artist selector for all the compilation releases.

Thanks to its heterogeneous style and its typical variegated sound, Salsa.it Vol. 14 will delight its large public once again, by proving to be a precious musical jewel dedicated to all the lovers of this musical genre.

Well deserved thanks go to the authors, composers, producers and music publishers that have contributed to the creation of the tracks included in Salsa.it Compilation. Special thanks go to all the staff at Alosibla Music Group for the coordination work and the executive production that made this 14th release possible.

Salsa.it Compilation is available as a cd from Alosibla Music Store and from the shops listed in the www.alosiblamusicstore.it website, as well as in a digital format from all the main digital stores.

Press release: I Art Comunication.

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