• 01 Rumba Negrito - Marcadonegro
  • 02 Salsa Y Candela - Oeste 11
  • 03 La Cerveza - Ivan Venot ft. Pupo DJ
  • 04 Amandote - Maximo Music & MT DJ feat. Adonis Sensación
  • 05 Te Conocì Bailando - Laura Luz ft. DJ Vins
  • 06 Mas Que Ayer - Elvin Picale
  • 07 Envidioso - Grupo Klavesalsa
  • 08 Guantanamo - Fabio Gianni
  • 09 Mi Cali Salsero - Nestor Pacheco ft. DJ Marco Ghamo
  • 10 Oasis - Mario & Frankaly Lavoe
  • 11 Regresa A Mi - Rodri-Go
  • 12 Ahora Conmigo - Lacander ft. La Filosofia
  • 13 Salsa Con Guaguancò - Francisco Rojos ft. Ivan Venot
  • 14 Vengo - Ricky Jo & Cupido ft. Moises Fernandez
  • 15 Una Ola - Maurizio Doná ft. Timbacalle
  • 16 Otra Botella - Evidence ft. Voz a Voz
  • 17 Buscando - Dj Pé & Dj Banderas ft. Adal
  • 18 Una Mujer Para La Vida - Ricky Jo ft. Maximo Music
  • 19 Viviendo En Amor - Chico Veras

SALSA.IT Vol. 15

On time like every year, Salsa.it Compilation is back. Now in its 15th edition and produced by ALOSIBLA Music Group and DownBridge Publishing, the success of this great event in the record industry, awaited by all lovers of Latin music, continues.

Enriched by an increased presence of foreign artists, Salsa.it doesn’t lose its personality, characterized by a wide stylistic variety, able to satisfy italian and international audience as well. We find new names like Nestor Pacheco, Elvin Picale, Laura Luz, Grupo Klavesalsa, Frankaly Lavoe, Chico Veras, Alcander, which confirm the general openness to worldwide collaborations, but able to foster the universality that nowadays makes Latin music a consolidated world artistic reality. Memorable artists are precious and faithful, deserving to be present for honor and glory; this year we see Mercadonegro, Oeste 11, Ivan Venot, Fabio Gianni, Rodri-go, Ricky Jo and Maximo Music, Timbacalle, Evidence, Dj Pé and Dj Banderas, all guests of previous editions.

Many featuring highlight the creative participation of Dee-Jays as experts in the latest trends and important influencers of the ever-growing audience of passionate dancers. It’s a mix of performers, authors, producers and publishers that highlight the significant longstanding existence of this project, which sees Francisco Rojos as the protagonist and artistic recruiter of all editions; as such, all of them deserve a big thanks for their work and commitment. Special appreciation is reserved to the entire staff of Alosibla Music Group, a hard-working and dynamic group that for over 14 years has been involved with dedication and professionalism the operational phases, coordination, and executive production of all publications. Many thanks also to Antares Dance Shoes, Technical Sponsor of Salsa.it Vol. 15.

The Compilation is available in physical format on Alosibla Music Store and in all stores mentioned on www.alosiblamusicstore.it, and in digital format at all major digital stores.


Press release: I Art Communication.