• DEJAME - Oliver Urdaneta ft. Massimo Scalici y la Poderosa
  • EL AGENTE - Fabio Gianni & El Rubio Loco
  • AVE FENIX - Maximo Music & MTdj feat Adonis Sensaciòn
  • MI SEGUNDA PRIMERA VEZ - JC Julio Cesar ft. DJ LupinTerzo & Xavi Masvidal
  • NO SE PUEDE - Laura Luz ft. Gianni Dj
  • HOY YO QUIERO EMBORRACHARME - Robert Armas y Los Conquistadores de la Salsa
  • TE TOCO PERDER - DJ Merlino feat. Pablo Timba & JC El Emperador
  • LA DISPUTA - Grupo Klavesalsa
  • AMOR PERDIDO - EverLuis
  • DAME TU PERDON - Alcander
  • FUERA - Fabio Gianni ft. DJ Max Cuba
  • SALSA REMBAMBA - Nestor Pacheco & Marco Ghamo
  • TU BUM BUM - Ivan Venot ft. Dj Vins
  • LLORAR - Maximo Music & Max Salsapura
  • ME TIENES LOCA - Desiree
  • BACALAO - Pedrito Calvo Jr y Su Orquesta
  • DE CUBA VENGO - El Bandera
  • EL FANTASMA - DJ Lindo & Marco

SALSA.IT Vol. 16
music in the air

SALSA.IT Vol. 16

Salsa.it Compilation arrives this year with its 16th edition, satisfying the faithful collectors of the most popular Latin music series; produced and realized mainly in Italy and proudly distributed all over the world. The publication also includes the realization of the physical support (audio CD) which, although less popular, still remain a tangible sign of the artistic and creative commitment of the many authors who have alternated over the years with this historic production.

Under the special supervision of Alosibla Music Group and Downbridge Publishing, the musical contents remain unchanged, but the prevalences change. This “16th” edition has a more Salsa soul: Romantic, Cubana, Guaguancò, Salsa Mambo, that lead and dominate the compilation, still respecting the typical and more contained sound, but no less fascinating, of the Bachatas.

Features experimentations, new artists, new combinations between historical and emerging performers; there is so much that you can take advantage of in your moments of venting through latin music and the enthusiasm it creates. This season opens a very interesting, exciting and intriguing season, for the passionate evenings of a world that never sets, but that evolves towards new trends and new contaminations but that also returns naturally to melodies and harmonies more typical of the Continent where everything was born.

The artistic direction, always curated by Francisco Rojos, follows the line of the reference portal from which Salsa.it Compilation originated. A particular appreciation is addressed to all the staff of Alosibla Music Group, a close-knit and dynamic group that for more than 15 years has followed with dedication and professionalism the operational phases, the coordination and the executive production of all the publications.

The Compilation will be available in physical format in Alosibla Music Store and all the stores mentioned on the www.alosiblamusicstore.com site and, in digital format, in all major digital stores.

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