• 16 EL CHICLE - SALSA.IT Vol.18
  • 15 PALOMA - SALSA.IT Vol.18
  • 14 GRAND-RUE - SALSA.IT Vol.18
  • 13 BAJO LA LUNA - SALSA.IT Vol.18
  • 12 SUAVECITO - SALSA.IT Vol.18
  • 11 SIN TI - SALSA.IT Vol.18
  • 10 SOLO DESEO - SALSA.IT Vol.18
  • 08 LO QUE TRAIGO - SALSA.IT Vol.18
  • 06 MEMORIES - SALSA.IT Vol.18
  • 05 DIME - SALSA.IT Vol.18
  • 02 DISTANCIA - SALSA.IT Vol.18
  • 01 UN LOCO AMOR - SALSA.IT Vol.18

Various Artists

As tradition dictates, the 2022 season of Latin music in Italy closes with the usual presentation of Salsa.it Compilation. An 18th edition that the producers have all decided to dedicate to a popular Dee-jay, Maurizio Donà, a great lover of Latin music, a highly experienced artist and composer, admirer and supporter of the Salsa.it series, who sadly died prematurely last year August.

“Back to the roots” is this year’s call, which confirms the presence of artistic figures who belong to the origins of the first editions of Salsa.it, but obviously new guests cannot be missing who contribute to giving a further stylistic variety to the release.

Salsa, bachata, merengue will alternate in a perfectly conceived sequence as always; moments of great energy will be followed by romantic atmospheres, with some small contamination, jazz or pop, however emphasizing a fusion of styles and personalities, multi-ethnic by origin, but strongly united in music. The instrumental works are very interesting; excellently developed they show how the lack of a voice is not an element that can compromise its quality.

Scrolling through the track list we find popular names present in almost all previous editions, Massimo Scalici, Fito Gress, Fabio Gianni, Ivan Venot, Nestor Pacheco. The presence of Dee Jay Producer is also very evident; in addition to Francisco Rojos, we find Dj El Dan, Dj Issam, Dj Pippo El Maltese, Dj Limbo Latino, Dj Fronzy, a participation that shows the need for dee jays to enter much more concretely into the music and not just be a vehicle of fruition. There are also some important recording collaborations to mention: Latin Music is present with three works of great depth; the first sees the popular Alexio Dj together with “Felix” the new revelation of bachata in Italy; the second (instrumental) signs the great return in compilation of Fabrizio Zoro with a very special and sure success song; the third is Paloma, a cover also created by Fabrizio Zoro and Dany De Santis (alias Cupid). Another important collaboration to mention is Bibomusic & Partners, already a guest in some previous editions, present with 3 pieces of evident artistic quality. Finally, a new label, MB Music Consulting, is the producer of the Venezuelan sound of Nestor Pacheco.

However, the winning team is not yet complete, we cannot in fact leave out “featuring” and “Primary Artists” elements that are very often decisive in the creation of a successful song; so here we find Jeemas & Adal, Rafy Champion and Eddy Peralta, Dulce Nava, Manfredi Caputo, Manon Mullener, Saymond, Laura Luz, Maurizio Donà.

The artistic direction, always curated by Francisco Rojos, was crucial for the realization of Salsa.it Compilation vol. 18; interaction with artists is always a delicate and demanding moment where the ability to compare, patience and enthusiasm are always the fundamental elements.

Faithfully followed by Alosibla Music Group and Downbridge Publishing, Salsa.it Compilation is once again confirmed this year as a perfect production for all Latin music enthusiasts.

A particular appreciation is addressed to all the staff of Alosibla Music Group, a close-knit and dynamic group that has been following the operational phases, coordination and executive production of all publications with dedication and professionalism for more than 17 years.

The Compilation is available on the main digital stores mentioned on the website www.alosiblamusicstore.com


Press release by I Art Communication.