• Salsanamà - Massimo Scalici & Fernando Sosa



From Poderosa Latin Orchestra, Massimo Scalici and an overwhelming Fernando Sosa comes Salsanamà, the new single from the international competition of the same name conceived by Fernando Sosa himself, now known all over the world. The song is composed and produced as a musical symbol of one of the most popular events dedicated to all passionate Latin music dancers.

Salsanamà, impetuous energy that drags in a whirlwind of sounds and rhythms, stimulating and releasing the technique and choreographic creativity of the most virtuous dancers.

The style remains unmistakable, Poderosa Latin Orchestra and Massimo Scalici perfectly know how to blend and satisfy the listening of those who dance or those who simply follow the wonderful world of Latin American music for passion, the text by Maestro Fernando Sosa tells emotions and sensations of all this. that revolves around this competition.

A super winning combination that perfectly assembles two leading figures united to direct an orchestra that always knows how to interpret the artistic emotions of Massimo and Fernando in music.

The song, published by Downbridge Publishing, is distributed by Alosibla Music Group at the main digital stores.


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