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Proyecto Hipnotico.


Coming from the impetuous creativity of “Proyecto Hipnotico” and Matteo Bruno, founder of Latin Hypnotic Dance Company, the single Salsumba is to be released together with an explosion of summer vitality. The single brings with itself the same warm atmosphere as the one of the season it has been decided to present itself.

Matteo Bruno’s love for music and Latin-American dance, together with his experience acquired during his artistic training, allowed him to achieve the dream of creating a real dance company now required to perform in several events and meetings all over the world. Such an experience stimulated his innate desire for novelty taking him to express his tireless passion through singing.

His single that mixes dance and salsa genres in a series of grooves well assembled is rich in such an energy that is able to involve and incite the most unrestrained protagonists.

Salsumba has a great compelling rhythm in which sounds overlap in crosses and links at a great speed, encouraging moments and group movements and going towards the power of instinct, where bodies overcome inhibitions, calories burn, and enthusiasm takes control. Just get yourself be carried away by emotions, by the freedom and the sensuality of the thrill. Let yourself be involved in tireless heartbeats.

Published by Alosibla Music Group, Salsumba is available in the main digital stores.

Press release: Laura Vinella
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