• SE BAILA SABROSO - Dj Gigi El Calvo feat. Riki Ortega


Dj Gigi El Calvo feat. Riki Ortega

With September just around the corner, the new single “Se Baila Sabroso” by DJ Gigi El Calvo, with the participation of Riki Ortega, is arriving.

Falà Luigi, aka Deejay Gigi El Calvo, is a character rich with artistic training experiences. Originally from Abruzzo, he began, from an early age, to get acquainted with music by studying trumpet, followed by guitar, and finally percussion and drums—an all-round journey that starts with melody, passes through harmony, and arrives at rhythm.

Nevertheless, he needed communicative experience, which would bring him into contact with the radio world and inevitably accompany him towards the role of DJ. This experience gave him direct contact with the audience and the dynamics of the dance floor.

His love for Latin music came after his encounter with “La Isla,” an artistic and cultural adventure in which the Cuban magic completely immersed him.

Numerous collaborations soon followed: Jhonny Evidence, Alexander Acosta, Morales Wilfredo, and Wille de Cuba, to name a few, up to Riki Ortega, who exquisitely accompanies him in “Se Baila Sabroso.”

Riki Ortega is a 23-year-old Cuban singer who grew up in Havana. He is a virtuoso, up-and-coming artist fresh off his first single, Solo Tu.

Se Baila Sabroso was produced by DJ Gigi El Calvo, Tito Moreno, and Gino B, who also contributed to the composition of the single.

The publishers of this piece are MB Music Consulting in collaboration with Downbridge Publishing. The distribution is scheduled for August 31, 2023, in all major digital stores, and it will be entrusted to Alosibla Music Group.

For further information visit, www.alosiblamusicstore.com.