• Adictos - SENSUAL, Alcander
  • Me Vuelvo Loco Por Ti - SENSUAL, Alcander
  • Voy Hacerme El Loco - SENSUAL, Alcander
  • Condename - SENSUAL, Alcander

SENSUAL | Alcander

Erickson Johan Zavala Reyes, born in El Puerto Real de la Vela De Coro, in the state of Falcon, Venezuela, in November 16 of 1986. In Arte “ALCANDER” his musical career started at the age of 5 in the choir of the school, participating in children’s festivals of singing, obtaining in the majority first place in awards, at the age of 10 he learns to execute the Four Venezuelan by lessons from his father who was a musician from the town, in the course of the next years he got into the folkloric music of his country, in those musical meetings he made friends in his adolescence, where he inclined for pop and ballad music, later he acquired knowledge of the electric base and experimenting in Latin music such as Merengue, Salsa, and Guaracha, where he found his love for Bachata and It was the motive for him to learn to play the guitar and deeply study a genre of music in which nobody in Venezuela could teach him. Thus this gives him some significance in being the Venezuelan pioneer to execute that genre, in the year 2004 he forms a Bachata band, desirous to teach and motivate friends to learn Bachata, and that’s how he began to learn more and more and wanting to record songs he had little resources so he invested all that he had in making a homemade studio from what he earned by playing music. And it was like that how he started to inclined towards musical production, creating many songs, and promoting other artists in the genre of Bachata, in the year 2016 he goes to the Dominican Republic and it is how he experiment’s again with the learning of Bachata, Producing songs for artists of the genre,

In the middle of 2017 he produces his own songs “Sin estar contigo, Nada, Me la Juego por Tu amor, and lastly “Mi Hermoso Amor por salsa.it” produced by Gino dj and Tito Moreno. Always by the same trio of productors, Alcander, Gino Dj and Tito Moreno, presenting the last EP “Sensual”.

4 bachata’s with typical Dominican Republic sound, ideal for the public of bachateros and for all the virtuous dancers.

1-Adictos, 2-Condename, 3-Me Vuelvo Loco Por Ti, 4-Voy Hacerme El Loco, four songs in perfect Dominican Republic style where vocals and guitar play with sentiment, desire, and a little of nostalgia for the topic of love.