JOSS feat. GINO B

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Josè Zavala, in art, Joss is the interpreter of Solo Quiero, a bachata conceived in a modern style but which maintains the essence and Dominican roots. Joss was born in Venezuela in the city of Coro in 1996; from an early age he approaches music as a singer participating in numerous festivals in his country; the producer Erick Zavala, also the author and arranger of the song, who has been working for many years in his studios in Santo Domingo and Higuey in the Dominican Republic, discovers his talent. The general production is by Gino Brigida alias Gino B (at the time known as Gino DJ), popular and expert bachatero, who boasts years of musical activity with artists of the caliber of Luis Miguel del Amargue, Domenic Marte, Jimmy Bauer, Joel Santos, Voz to Voz, Mr. Don, Jhonny Evidence, Alexandra la Reyna de la Bachata, Grupo Rush and Chelion and who now intends to enrich his experience by inserting his own featuring in his latest single Solo Quiero. The song was completely produced, recorded and mixed in the Dominican Republic.

Solo Quiero is published by MB Music with the participation of Downbridge Publishing, the song is also distributed by Alosibla Music Group in digital format only at the main digital stores.

For information visit the website www.alosiblamusicstore.com