SOMOS HUMANOS DE VERDAD the new single written and performed by Gendrys Bandera Cuello aka El Bandera.

The Cuban-born Singer / Dancer, who moved to Sicily in the early 2000s, returns to the public salsero with an unreleased song that praises the will and the need for harmony and union between human beings, underlining in a critical key the differences, the inequalities and frailties.

An old-fashioned guaguancò salsa, with a very pleasant swing for dancers who love this genre.


“Somos humanos de verdad” was arranged by Massimo Scalici, pianist / composer, played by all the musicians of the Poderosa Latin Orchestra and recorded in Palermo in the Scalici studio.

The inspiration behind the project is the famous producer and publisher Tito Moreno who suggested the title for the occasion.


El Bandera already famous for the songs Wemilere, Ireme, written and produced together with Dj Producer Pablo Timba and arranged by Massimo Scalici, also participated in the first production of Maxima 79 (Regresando al Guaguancò) with the song Esa Mujer, arranged by Massimo Scalici and Fabrizio Zoro.


El Bandera recently took part in the salsa.it compilation with the song De Cuba Vengo, taking care of all the audio and video production that took place between Cuba and Sicily.


Somos humanos de verdad is published by MB Music Consulting and Downbridge Publishing and will be distributed by MB Music with the collaboration of Alosibla Music Group.

The song will be available from October 2022 at all major Digital Stores and on youtube with an official video clip.


For information www.alosiblamusicstore.com